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Teacher Workshops

Workshops can be adapted to meet your needs: time length, content, etc.     

Alabama History

Using Historical Fiction to Teach Alabama History
Target Participants: Gr. 4 and other teachers of AL history
Time: 1-2 hours


As a character interpreter, dressed in period clothes, Anne Dalton will make the French period of Alabama history come alive by using drama and hands-on activities. Instructions will be given for using handouts in the classroom. Handouts include: (1) Using journals as a primary source; (2) My Journal - relating to experiences in Massacre Island; (3) Learning to Be Courageous: A Mobilian Indian custom based on a primary source; (4) Making a French Flag; (5) The Mobilian Indians: The Old Mobile Project Newsletter. 




Project Archaeology
Target Participants: Gr. 4-7 teachers
Location: USA Main Campus, Archaeology Lab

This adventure offers hands-on-activities and multi-disciplinary lesson plans, the expertise of professional archaeologists, and consideration of Native American perspectives. Current information on archaeology in Alabama and the US is provided. Teachers will learn a responsible approach to archaeology in the classroom. Day 1 is at the Archaeology Lab on the USA Main Campus. On Day 2 participants take part in an archaeological dig (2003 - Old St. Stephens). Transportation from USA will be provided. Each teacher will receive Intrigue of the Past, a teacher’s activity guide for grades 4-7 and its companion guide on Alabama’s prehistory, Discovering Archaeology in Alabama.

Archaeology in the Classroom
Target Participants: Gr. 4-8 social studies teachers, teachers of gifted students
Time: 1-3 hours

Using activities from Project Archaeology, Discovering Archaeology in Alabama and other sources, Ms Dalton will do a condensed version of the above workshop. If possible, an archaeologist will take part in the session.


Archaeology at Monticello
Target Participants: Project Archaeology and Thomas Jefferson and Monticello graduates
Time: 2 hours

The workshop will include activities from Digging Up the Past (Gr. 4-6) and Digging Monticello (Gr. 7-12). Teachers will learn about historical and above-ground archaeology as it is practiced at Monticello.


Life in Jamestown
Target Participant: Gr. 5, Gr. 8 Social Studies Teachers, and Media Specialists
Time: 2-3 hours

Experience the voyage to Virginia through the eyes of an old sailor. Learn about the life of Ships’ Boys on the voyage, after they arrived in Jamestown, and their experiences living with the Powhatan Indians. Compare the cultures of Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans. Take part in hands-on activities like those in the Jamestown Settlement. Learn about strict laws and punishment—an accusation of stealing thread caused an indentured servant to lose her unborn child. Handouts will be provided.   

Glimpses of Colonial America
 Target Participant: Gr. 5, Gr. 8 Social Studies Teachers, and Media Specialists
Time: 1-3 hours

 Step back into colonial times with Anne Dalton as a character interpreter of Betty Randolph, a leading lady of Colonial Williamsburg (wife of Peyton Randolph, president of the first Continental Congress and cousin of Thomas Jefferson). Participants will engage in hands-on activities. Learn about daily life, clothing, education, travel, and medicine. Instructions will be given for growing an herb garden at your school. The use of primary documents and trade books will be emphasized. A school’s colonial village will be shown on video. Lesson plans will be provided.

Thomas Jefferson and Monticello
Target Participants: Gr. 5 and American History teachers
Time: 2 hours

As a character interpreter of Thomas Jefferson’s daughter, Anne Dalton, will make life at Monticello come alive. Learn about childhood in the age of Jefferson; Thomas Jefferson’s family life; Monticello-A Working Plantation; Jefferson as architect; and The Pursuit of Liberty. Lesson plans and primary source material will be provided.


Suspension of Disbelief: Using Drama as a Reading Motivator
Target Participants: Gr. 4-8 teachers
Time: 1 1/2 hours

Anne Dalton will demonstrate being a character interpreter by giving a 20 minute presentation of Marie Boisrenaud, one of the “Cassette Girls” who arrived in Mobile in 1704. Clips of a video (8 minutes) will show children as character interpreters in a Colonial Village. Personal stories of how children have been impacted and motivated to read will be shared. Handouts: ideas and instructions for helping students become character interpreters.  


Tears to Triumphs = Good Writing
Target Participant: Gr. 4-12  Language arts teachers
Time: 1-2 hours

Explore ways to help students overcome writing obstacles as they create characters that triumph over challenges in life. Ms Dalton will dramatize a story, The Spyglass, to help participants understand that visualizing students as writers can help them achieve it. She will discuss how to create a character that goes from tears to triumph. Emphasis will be on showing a character’s actions and reactions to an obstacle instead of telling. Participants will share experiences with modeling writing. Using a student’s story and the editor’s notes on her Massacre Island manuscript, Ms Dalton will point out specific writing problems, the need for revision and the importance of positive feedback. 


Lesson Plans
Web View Microsoft Word Documents
Using Primary Sources--Massacre Island Using Primary Sources--Massacre Island
My Journal My Journal
Learning to be Courageous Learning to be Courageous
French on the Gulf Coast French on the Gulf Coast
The Salon The Salon


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